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Here’s How To Be More Creative [INFOGRAPHIC]

Everyone’s wished for this. At one point or another in time, you might have thought about this. You might have asked yourself or brainstormed with colleagues/friends on how to increase your creativity. The question is simple.

How Can I Be More Creative?

Unfortunately, finding an answer that works is pretty hard. What works for me may work for you, or maybe it won’t. That’s why finding ways to be creative have to be unique and found on one’s own.

There’s also this myth floating around that creativity is directly proportional to your intelligence level. That is simply NOT true.

There’s no way you can remain creative ALL the time. That is simply not possible by any human. However, a simple pointer to remember is this: if you’re having fun doing something, chances are you’re already creative. Things that stimulate the brain in a positive way tend to increase your creativity. Here’s the infographic from CopyBlogger.

Read the article at CopyBlogger

How To Be Creative Infographic

That’s pretty much it. I’ve always been clueless about how to end blog posts gracefully.


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